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About Baylie Baker

...the person behind Organized Chaos:

Hello! My name is Baylie Baker. I'm 26 years old and I'm a licensed and insured professional organizer. I received my AIOP through the QC Design school and I plan on becoming a member of NAPO in the near future. I have three years experience cleaning professionally but have been cleaning my own spaces as such for over 10 years. I'm a mother of one, coworker, friend, girlfriend, aunt and sister. But mostly, I'm a problem solver. I recently recognized my passion for organizing while working at my sons daycare. We had moved into a new location and I quickly realized I was coming in on my time off just to organize for fun! I loved having peace of mind knowing that everything had a place and was in its place. It was that day I realized that organizing is my passion. I love making peoples lives more efficient and less stressful. What some see as chaos, I see as a challenge to overcome, and a fun one at that! No matter the project, I always go into it with an open mind, a fresh set of eyes, and a plan of attack! My goal is to always leave my clients with a smile on their face and newfound peace. I wasn't always this organized, but I'll tell you what changed my ways. Becoming a mother. Once I became a mother I realized how quickly life can feel overwhelming. I also realized how important it was to try my best to stay on top of things. I noticed I was constantly donating his old clothes so we could move onto the next stage. I just wanted to get rid of the extra weight of things. And then I realized the tidier my house was, the more quality time I could spend with him because I wasn't so tense or irritated when I couldn't find something. Or I could tell my significant other, "Hey can you grab this for me please?" And he knew exactly where it was. It just made everything easier and less overwhelming. So what are you waiting for? Everyone deserves to live in a stress-free environment. And being organized is the first step, let me help you take it! 

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