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About Baylie Baker

...the person behind Organized Chaos:

Hello! My name is Baylie Baker. I'm 28 years old and I'm a licensed and insured professional organizer. I take pride in being one of the few non-judgemental organizers in the valley. I understand life can get overwhelming and sometimes our homes get set on the back burner. Without people like you I would not have a job! I received my AIOP through the QC Design school and I have a strong interest in continued education in the psychology field of this job. I have 3 years of organizing experience. I also have 5 years experience cleaning professionally but have been cleaning my own spaces as such for over 10 years. I'm a single mama of one, coworker, friend, aunt and sister. But mostly, I'm a problem solver. I'm also hardworking and very determined. Once I have my mind set on something there is next to nothing that will stop me from achieving my goals. I love making peoples lives more efficient and less stressful. What some see as chaos, I see as a challenge to overcome, and a fun one at that! No matter the project, I always go into it with an open mind, a fresh set of eyes, and a plan of attack! My goal is to always leave my clients with a smile on their face and newfound peace. Being a mother, I realized how quickly life can get overwhelming. It's my job now to make others lives less overwhelming. So what are you waiting for? Everyone deserves to live in a stress-free environment. And being organized is the first step, let me help you take it! 

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